Green E2E card business is like providing services like Online application & job application, Book & stationary materials on discount, School & colleges admission on discount & refer, Tuition/vacation classes on discount & refer, Dance class, singing, music & gym classes, Yoga and bharatanatya classes, Bag and dress materials discount offer, Hospital and insurance, Photo studio & ID card prints, Student mini bank. Upcoming largest students care need services platform’s and india’s most upcoming popular mobile Eco-Friendly app for students with the mission of building mobility for a billion students.

  • The need to have on-demand student care need services.
  • The platform of most providing student care need services like books, stationary, scholarships, job applications etc.

Vinay Mittal

Founder, Director

Vinay is the Founder & CEO of Green E2E Company. One of  the World’s upcoming largest popular Eco-friendly students service app. For students educational and students need services. With the mission of building mobility for a billion students, Vinay has started Green E2E(Farmerly Green E2E student care service) in 2019.

  • Before Green E2E, Vinay worked with International Market Research for two years. True to his belief of the need to have on-demand student Education and student need services. 
  • At Green E2E, Vinay leads products, Engineering and Data-sciences, Ensuring a strong back–end system that power’s the experiences of students discount, need services like a scaling Green E2E in a short span of time, and invented such as mapping innovations, Green E2E play, and offline/online services that made Green E2E accessible for a large segment of the population.